Mission Statement

(a)    We wish to provide the most effective sales and distribution solutions for our customer companies. Growth, Consistancy, Effectiveness and Honesty are our key guide lines.

(b)   To provide Quality well priced products to the Electrical  Wholesale Industry.   

About  Allsales (NZ) Limited

We are here to grow your sales.

We started business over 25 years ago, selling products on commission , with the intention of providing a cost effective sales service for companies that were too small to employ their own sales person or wished to have a set cost of sales per sales item. Our Commission Selling provided the solution for our customer/clients.

Allsales provided a commission selling service that saw many of our client companies grow dramatically. Many grew to employ their own sales staff and others attracted larger companies to purchase them. 

These include brands such as ROBOCAN now Glade Robocan

                                                       Intruder Mouse and Rattrap range

                                                       Rentokill Pest Control Products

                                                       Remington Shavers and Hair care products

As time went on we realised there was a need for products that were not sold by our agencies so we sorced products to sell to the electrical wholesale industry.

We now have a very successfull wholesale business as well as our agency (commission selling) business.

Who We are

We're a family company that prides itself on Honesty, Growth of sales, Consistancy of service and Effectiveness of sales and marketing.

Why Work with Us?

We offer a personalised sales and distribution service that is cost effective and successfull.

Thank You!

We really appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. To talk further about how we can work together, get in touch on ph 0275 325 680. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ron & Jude Campbell